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    When you place a bundle order you will be asked what the maximum width and height of the labels you require are.

    Width or Length
    We take the longest word from within the bundle and set it to your requested maximum width which gives us the text size.  All the other labels within the bundle will then be made using the identical text size so they’re all in proportion.  For example, if you ordered Tea, Coffee and Sugar bundle with a maximum width of 4 inches, we would use the word Coffee and set it to 4 inches wide.  This gives us the text size to make the other labels within the bundle.  The word Tea and sugar will naturally be a shorter labels because they are shorter words. All our labels will be unified and in proportion to each other.

    Our maximum height of a word in a label is 2 inches.  When you place your order you can request your own maximum label height, as long as its below 2 inches.

    When we make your labels we use the longest word from the bundle and set it to your requested maximum width. This then gives us the proportionate height. If this turns out to be higher than the maximum height you have requested we re-configure the label size based off your maximum height which means the width of the label will be smaller than the maximum width you requested.

    The reason we configure the labels in this way is to make sure they fit within your maximum requested sizes.

    All our labels are in proportion, we do not just manually stretched or pulled words out of their natural alignment to make them fit.

    If you need more information on this then please feel free to Get in Touch with us.

    We currently offer;

    Brilliant Blue
    Hot Pink
    Bright Red
    Bright Yellow
    Mid Grey

    If you require a colour that is not listed above, please contact us

    Once you know what you want to put your label on, please use a ruler and measure (in inches) the maximum length and height of where the label would go.

    The width or length of a label is measured from the start of the first letter to the end of the last letter.

    The height is measured from the bottom of a label to the top.

    Our custom labels are £1.50 per word unless otherwise stated.

    Decals are easy to apply.  Please follow these 4 simples steps and remember to take your time!

    (1) Clean the area with water, do not use detergent or fairy liquid as these leave residue which can cause the decals adhesive to not stick properly.

    (2) Slowly peel back the clear decal transfer tape which comes already applied on your decal. As you are slowly peeling it back you will see your decal will be attached to the sticky side of the transfer tape.

    (3) Apply your decal (clear sticky transfer tape) to your chosen surface and smooth it over with a credit card or squeegee very firmly. This pushes the air out from underneath the decal which allows the vinyl to adhere to the surface properly. 

    (4) Very slowly peel the clear transfer tape away from the front of your decal. This will leave your decal stuck to your desired surface. If you find that as you are slowly peeling the transfer tape off and part of your decal is still stuck to the transfer tape, push the transfer tape back down and repeat step 3.

    Certain surfaces are more tricky to apply vinyl to.  If you find that your vinyl decal is not sticking properly we recommend you leave your decal (on its transfer tape) stuck to your desired location and leave it for 24 hours to fully adhere.  You should then be able to slowly peel away the transfer tape with ease.

    All orders are sent via Royal Mail

    Labels – £1.50

    Products and Clothing – £3.30